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January 31, 2003

I'm no longer halfway the foodchain

I’m no longer halfway the food chain: bought myself a brand new iBook yesterday (the 12” 2003 model). Normally it would have cost me at least 2 years to get a machine like this. I would have waited and waited and then I would have bought it from someone nearer to the top, someone who could afford to buy a new machine every one or two years.

Tomorrow - and maybe even today - some extended entries about who I am, what I do and what I see. I'm a shy man, but I like to do monologs.

Migrating from one machine to another is like moving from one house to another: my old machine is half empty, only the things that are really important (documents mostly) are still there, in case of emergency they can be easily recovered. My new system is filled with un-extracted archives, the desktop still has an awful color, I have to rebuild some stuff and none of my old shortcuts work. I look around at all the space I got (went from 6 gigs to 30) and I promise myself that I will do it better this time: make a better computer, I learned from my mistakes.

Most of the times it takes at least a week before my computers are adapted to the way I use them. |I’m gonna feel at home in this machine. I know it, I can feel it and it feels good. I reserved 10 gigs for music alone. The big box with CD’s is going to stay home from now on (but didn’t I say something similar when I went from a machine with 5,25 inch floppies to one a 3.5 inch drive and a 12 meg HD – traded the HD for a welding machine… Hmm... My next machine will probably not only be able to read DVD’s but it can burn them as well …. )

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Preparando mis maletas

Pues va... que me dispongo a preparar mis maletas para mudarme al sitio de big [B]0ther por todo el mes de Febrero... algunas caras conocidas, otras que no lo son...ya veremos...

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Esto Empieza....

Bueno, parece que sí, que ya estamos dentro. Hola, sí, es así. el Bother ha empezado. Bueno no me voy a presentar, ¿para qué?.
Cuando aún estaba fuera de big [b]other he ido a la presentación de un trabajo de danza basado libremente, muy libremente, en La Vida es Sueño de Calderón de la Barca. Es curioso, porque estaba todo muy deslabazado, inconexo y sin sentido... pero tenía un punto, quizás el audio, o quizás la disposición. Ha sido interesante de todos modos.

Hoy, es decir, dentro de unas horas, iremos a casa de Felipe a terminar de montar su máquina definitiva para hacer vídeos y audios de manera profesional.

Mi vida se debate ahora entre el post.zemos98.5, los penúltimos exámenes de mi carrera y la forma de encarar nuevos proyectos. A lo largo de este mes supongo que tendré tiempo de pensar en ellos dentro de big [b]other.

Hoy también hemos puesto en marcha un mural de libre./.expresión contra la guerra. Aquí lo tenéis >>

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