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February 19, 2003

two at a time

it seems like some days go by two or three at a time...
sometimes with non stop activity, and others, just without memories...

the most outstanding event, yesterday, was attending the assembly of the sevilla social forum, some 40 to 60 people, - that first got together for the june 2002 anti-UE protests -. So, the forum were the organizers / facilitators of the huge demo against the war in sevilla. The meeting was supposed to deal with the evaluation of last saturday´s success and the discussion of proposals for the next future.

right before the beginning, some pals were saying that saturn was influencing mars, -or vicevera?, probably Tatiana would know -, and indeed, the meeting, that began proud and happy, ended up in a... rhizomatic chaos[?]. the forum is actually a very interesting social-anthropological case. many different and diverse persons and organizations trying to build a common action and thought... not an easy task...

I guess we have to go away from the panic response dynamics of todays power
and learn more about the decission process by the zapatistas. If it takes two years to make a serious analysis and find the right consensus for the next actions... that´s the way it should be.

Never hurry an intra-realist child! but still... at the same time, let´s go on with the new actonomy.

saludos combatientes _ osfa

Posted by osfavelados at February 19, 2003 10:45 AM

me parecen estupendas fechas, del tavestismo electrónico pasaremos al travestismo callejero... que bien que te vengas pal risco...!
entonces nos vemos pronto en alta resolución, banda ancha

Posted by: teresa on February 19, 2003 04:39 PM

hey osfa,

i dropped in on a cellspace community meeting tonight and was hoping to share the wisdom of "not hurrying the intra-realist child" zapatista-style ...

but i hesitated , cause the process seemed to be currently not only bogged down by the typical internal differences and volunteer burnout , but gigantic new external obstacles ... the city beauracracy has really weighed us down w/ regulations for our building.

well the collective WAs actually dealing quite well, but i still didn't want to try to illuminate the long- haul view ... as i could sense people wanting the meeting to end in the next 15 minutes ... and the thought of 2 years would have felt like an albatross.

it's all in the timing.

( and yeah we have a few astrologers about who often keep us abreast of the various retrograde planets and it's quite an accurate measure to know when communications are easy or difficult . ...
... not sure what we're in at the moment .)

: )

Posted by: teapodz on February 20, 2003 03:53 AM
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