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February 19, 2003

The Dream Police

I dreamt I was hiking in the woods with two girls who were constantly fighting. I was supposed to get together with one of the girls but it wasn't working out. During the hike I was smoking a cigar.

Then I came upon a concert where Journey was playing in the middle of nowhere. The crowd was totally excited and Steve Perry was singing "Looks That Kill" (I know that's by Motley Crue, but in my dream it was by Journey, play along.)

As he played I noticed his back up band was all clean cut Asian men. Steve played with disgust and it was then I knew his attitude completely broke up the band.

After "Looks That Kill", I inhibited his body and we went right into "Separate Ways". I sang and really got into it, running all over the stage. The back up band was quite confused at my/Steve's actions.

The song ended and everyone was going to take a break. I was tired from the last song and needed to catch my breath. We walked through the woods to a paved road and he explained to me I needed to do better on my footwork and not look the girls in the eyes because they're about to rush the stage and we don't need that.

As he talked to me a car came speeding right towards us. He ran out of the way, but I just jumped in the air and the car went underneath me.

I need a better ending but my subconscious is taking over.
I feel like a going back to bed and trying to finish this nonsense but I'm going to the café to clear the cobwebs.

Necesito un conclusión mejor pero mi subconsciente está asumiendo el control.
Me siento como ir de nuevo a cama e intentar acabar este absurdo pero voy al café a despejar las telarañas.

Posted by Tony DuShane at February 19, 2003 01:56 PM
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