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February 18, 2003

blog contract not renewed for 2nd season

As the pod(s) tried to renew our contract for the 2nd season of Big [b]Other , the producers at Walker Arts and those damn cybercholitos in Mexico have decided not to continue paying us $2,000,000 pesos ... they said the ratings were down and they had already lost the Dappy Diapers and Cheetos commercials... and when they wouldn't cough up even the HALF of IT they said they already had changed the SCRIPT ... a ghost-writer who had ended out our story as a tragic suicide committed after a doomed love affair with the Blogger Inc.'s wealthy heiress.

by the way did anyone ELSE's check from the [b]Other bounce last week ?!

ok serious ...

hmmm. maybe some of YOU have already been canceled too !

maybe you have all become just some ... scripted text... by some .... ...

cindy's not cindy ! speaking in some spanish text that i haven't had time to translate . tatiana's not tatiana reading tarot cards and tactically drifting from exotic beaches to the cyberunderworlds of Brazil ! osfa 's not osfa ! he's a central computer at the RAND CORPORATION ....
this is all a TEST to see how i'll respond ...
to the pressures ... of a disintegrating community blog ............
i've been left to SOLO BLOG and i'm being put through the RAND computer 's pre-programmed feedback loop
... and i'm being monitored ...



ok ok... serious ... been a bit overwhelmed w/ STUFF and a few entires behind so we'll try to jam a few entries into one ... And Yes WE StIll LoVe the Blog! :


1st off :

What the HELL kinda clock is this blog attatched to ?! it's still the 17th over HERE ! ... are we all on Greenwich meantime or WHAT ?! ( by the way , who woulda guessed those time zone fellas are political ... anarchists even ! why they got a LINK to Not In Our Name ! damn hippies with clocks ... and pot plants up the whazoo
no doubt ... why, they might try to turn off the Greenwich clock if the war starts in Iraq ... this is A VERY BIG HOMELAND SECURITY ISSUE ... what we need is a pre-emptive strike on Greenwich - STOP THOSE crazy clock stoppers NOW ! And i don't think Blair will have any problem going along with that. )


Being a semi-phenomenologist myself ( right on Jeroen , you've inspired me...
you ARE still Jeroen aren't you ?? ... Jeroen ? )
i think that the 2nd half of this blog episode should be set according to each bloggers internal perceptions and biological connections to time...
and for me , right after i take my last pooh of the day , well , see, that's writing time... i really like to write after my last pooh and it just doesn't synch up with the right day with the clock set the way it is now.
And also being set to the Roman calendar is a bit suspicious to me ! Who are these Walker Arts and Movable Type people , huh ? Are they right -wing Roman Catholic blog-again fanatics ? Illuminati museum/text conspirators ?
Freemasons ?!!

Can we get some of the union techies to rewire their clocks to our personal "settings" , Fran ?!


ok serious dammit !
"F16" ! What a glorious day !!!
basking in the day after the massive global turnout
of F15 and " bringing up the rear " , as they say , in SF ! 200.000 + ! check it out !

A group of us made about 300 blue triangles to distribute to the crowd to inform people of the illegal and racist detentions and keep the names alive of muslim and arab detainees who have disappeared since 9.11 and give folks an idea of how we can help protect immigrant rights ( each triangle has a name , age , and country of origin ).

And as we were webcasting the news thta evening we were reaching the end of our time slot and the very last caller to the show was the lawyer who helped get 20 arrested folks out of jail ... it was a beautiful cap to the grand day !

oh and i must mention this beautiful story of a long time activist whose contact number we got from one of our crew ... a man in his fifties or sixties who had literally been to nearly every protest in the bay area since Vietnam , couldn't make it out for F16 because of an accident . He was in the hospital , so we called him up to talk with him from the hospital bed LIVE and get his impressions of the weekend ... it was so cool to be able to give him airtime/nettime to express his views . it was perhaps the most human emotion/event i have ever experienced sending out over the internet... in fact i think it may do something do alleviate a lot of my cynicism of the "cold cyber medium".


and then we were off to celebrating the Aquarians among us at a very colorful Senegalese restaraunt. i had a couple "Sorange" drinks ... ginger, whiskey , orange and tamarind i think.



ps. tomorrow . um today ... we are going to check out a lecture at the art college by grafitti artists from Sao Paolo - Os Gemeos ... Tatiana , you probably know of them , the work looks amazing !!! have any anecdotes to share about them ?
they will be presenting w/ a Portugese grafitti artist and longtime SF resident/activist
- RiGo !

Posted by pod(s) at February 18, 2003 12:15 AM

As of now all your mail will be monitored with extra care... We did not need to inform you we are doing this. We want you to become enraged. We want you to make the wrong move so we can arrest you and charge you with whatever crime we think fits the situation best and at the same time will be acceptible to the public opinion.

Posted by: Jeroen Goulooze on February 18, 2003 04:06 AM

mmmh, you got me!... what agency does f work for... the usdat, or something like that... isn´t it?

yes, i do agree the walker arte people should treat us to a dinner, the 13 of us together, when this job is over... maybe in bagdad so that we can perform by the way as human shields... otherwise, i wouldn´t mind if it were sao paulo...

a cool quote from PKD, 1968:
This ownerless ruin had, before World War Terminus, been tended and maintained. Here had been the suburbs of SF, a short ride by monorail rapid transit; the entire peninsula had chattered like a bird tree with life... and now the watchful owners had either died or migrated to a colony world... it had been a costly war despite the valiant predictions of the Pentagon and its smug scientific vassal, the Rand Corporation... the corporation had departed evidently for good...

Posted by: osfa on February 18, 2003 05:53 AM

hey osfa et al ,

just came back from the os gemeos presentation and YEAH i think a dinner in sao paolo would be an awesome place for us all to gather and celebrate our new blog community !

( how about september , just after the mexico convergence !? )

wow , i was so inspired by their slide show...
the painters' worlds , and a city bursting with color ! they showed slides of not just their work but friends as well . nina was one other artist's names i think.


upon rereading my entry ... it seemed to be less humorous and more sarcastic which i wasn't really intending...

i hope i didn't give the impression that i felt OWED something...

and in fact from tonight i definitely got an insight into how commerce has definitely infiltrated the artists' minds here in the states...

a few art students would ask questions relating to how they Sold work, did they have other Jobs , did they make their object /installation works as an easier way to put them on the market ...

and while this may be practical minded questions on some level ... it was funny how the 2 artists reacted ...
cause they were all about the painting . all about doing their form of expression ...
and at one point made a comment about how
they did what they did through the support of their extended community and their family !
it was touching ( that word tends to sound sarcastic to a native english speaker , but it was sincere ... eeek another word we tend to use more often in sarcasm... ok , real ! dedicated ! )

ok my friends i gotta go back to the main blog , before it's too late ... ooops i missed my post -pooh greenwich-blog - time again !!! damn.


Posted by: pods on February 19, 2003 12:37 AM
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