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February 11, 2003

cartas a farloluna

hi there... just got back from a meeting of my "globalization_in_high_schools group". We really haven´t gotten a good name for the project yet ... Ended up in a bar...

a very dark night. i guess the moon is somewhere else in the blog... driving, in my way back, i was thinking i had done some kind of blogging before i knew it existed. The idea came from a friend, Katrina, who left her job in l.a. and decided to travel in Asia for a year. She was sending e-mails periodically to friends, keeping us informed of her adventures.

It made an interesting situation. I had met this woman just for a few days, in a professional tour on andalusian architecture. I was the guide. In one of the episodes the guide took some of the architects to score some dope in the back alleys towards albaicín, in granada, and ended up smoking hash in the alhambra gardens with the cool posse in the group, telling them his ideas about the connection between medieval islamic architecture and the use of psychedelics... - a similar connection to that of the pranksters and their acid test architecture back in the 1960s-. then we had a very tender love affair... and then i was receiving her e-mails from asia: thailand, vietnam, mianmar... and then my hard disk crashed, and i lost her address, and never again new anything more about her. no search engine in the web would know anything about Katrina with her italian surname.

Some months later i moved back to l.a. and started my own letters. i called them deleuzeguattarilandia, the new name for southern cal my friend mendoza suggested, in between disney and rhizome... that, went on through 1999 and 2000.

a second set of letters i wrote during the zapatista march to DF in 2001. This set was called Letters to Farloluna, the name an homage to both Cervantes and Don Quijote, and Don Durito de la Lacandona, the zapatista beatle... farloluna was the name of an imaginary lady, my own private Dulcinea to compete with Durito´s lady...

Unfortunately these letters are only in spanish. Here are the links:

cartas a farloluna


my friends enjoyed them.
sleep well tonight... osfa

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