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February 07, 2003

friday night (subtitled version)

it's friday night in berlin, club transmediale it's still going on, many people are playing today and i had a guest pass for both maria and wmf (pit is brother of the owner of wmf). miss kittin was playing in maria, and anyhow i'm completely busy, subtitling and so on. today has been basically an accidented day. i started everything with the wrong feet and everything let me into a chain of one accident to the other. i arrived late at a meeting with teresa delgado, whom i haven't met in person, and even worst i didn't arrive at all, as all my stuff was locked in bootlab and i couldn't even get into bootlab, and when i managed to go inside, the office space of klubradio (where my stuff was) was locked...

ok, i have been listening to the cd's scanner brought me except to travelclub which didn't hace the cd inside.... mala onda. and also to negativland. ok, like i said i could settle into the day late in the afternoon, maybe even evening. and even then i was basically in a bad mood, until i could sort of made peace really late at night. now i'm in peace, and i've been uploading files of 200mb's and so on to an ftp, and patiently working on subtitling modem drama. ok, i censored a whole lot of my day, but that's what the power of editing is.

gotta run back to keep up with subtitle and so on.... i didn't go to tresor, and i have to, cause it will definitely close in may.


it is softly snowing outside, in the next door, there's a great party with kids who are a little rough. looks like the kind of of stuff i would enjoy. last week today a kid from kreuzberg died next door. a knife fight, you know.

mil disculpas teresa!!!!

Posted by fran ilich at February 7, 2003 06:19 PM
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