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February 06, 2003

REACT to spineless media !

Contrary to the dominating appearance of mass media spewing blatant, ugly propoganda and gutless parroting of corporate-empire agendas , which makes it look like this is an island of rabid dogs... there ARE a number of brilliant mediums of vigilant journalism in this country, IN ADDITION to a hungry and engaged public wanting truths to surface.

This was evident as we listened this morning to KPFA and Pacifica radio hosts revealing Sec. Colon Pfoul's UN address to be a rancid bucket full of cat litter unfit for even a govt. mule to hide its spurting liquid shits.

Listener call-ins were consistently well-informed w/ realistic and simple suggestions for action ( i.e. send yur f*cking money to indy-media outlets NOW , Kill your tv, and harass your local spineless networks who are engaged in Goebbelliean warfare , fuelling hate and racism. )

What was perhaps most infuriating about these reports was hearing how the mainstream media channels promptly ended their coverage of the matter when
the Colon was emptied... that is , what the rest of the UN council, delegates , ambassadors from around the world had to say was irrelevant... mirroring of course the exact tactic of the warmongers .

And as we all know well, the people around the world HAVE A LOT TO SAY ABOUT THIS THREAT OF WAR !

But in case you know a few people , corporate media outlets included, who need convincing here's a bundle of excellent information resources from inside the belly of the beast :

Democracy Now

Common Dreams
The Nation


And which rung of hell did Dante describe for Spineless media producers and newscaster puppets ??!


peace+urgency ,

p.s. Thanks Luis , your flash link is hysterical ! best laughs of the day ...though
it seemed frighteningly accurate as well !

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