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February 02, 2003

death & booze

death & booze = muerte y alcohol
yeah... i was thinking that maybe if mr president had a drink a day, or a couple of them, he would take things easier, feel like the world is full of sisters and brothers rather than the axis of evil and terrorists, and potential customers-consumers _ instead, just people who need food, and peace, and love and dialogue... and a drink... Does any of you trust people who don´t drink? Would some booze stop so much death? Are these the boundary issues Tony DuShane was speculating about?...

[si... pensaba que, quizá, si el señor presidente se tomara un trago al día, o un par de ellos, seguramente nos iría mejor a todos; sentiría que el mundo está lleno de hermanas y hermanos en lugar de ver por todos lados al eje del mal y a terroristas, y a clientes-consumidores potenciales - y en su lugar vería simplemente a gente que pasa hambre, que necesita paz y amor y diálogo... y un trago de vez en cuando... ¿Alguno de vosotros confía en la gente que no bebe ni una copa?... Habría que lanzar una campaña Big [b]Other "Una copita para el señor presidente" ... ¿Eran éstas las fronteras entre alcohol y muerte a las que se refería Tony DuShane? Quizá no exactamente_ ?]

This puritan AA is kind of dangerous... business man and ruins a bunch of companies, -no big deal compared with what was coming-, governor and becomes serial killer - in charge of 150, - or how many?-, people assasinated by the state of texas; right after he becomes president - in a very spurious way, do you guys still remember? - two towers fall and several thousands get killed, allegedly a performance by an ex pal-; then, the enron and some of the most important corporations&presidential-advisers scandals, hundreds of top executives have to quit and some of them end up in prison; goes on with a drive by shooting genocide in Afganistan - or shall we classify it as a rampart killing?-; sends a space shuttle and all the guys get killed - just yesterday-; now getting ready for a second genocide... and then people still complain about gansta rappers...

I propose to launch a big [b]other campagin called: A Drink for Mr President. Maybe that way he becomes a little humane*... some partying, some punk clubbing, some sex, some relaxed blogging, some holidays in Chiapas...

Love and Peace & A Drink for Mr President _ osfa

ps: again, sorry if my english is not as good as it should. if something i write feels unproper it´s probably because of that.

* humane, the Romans - Cicero, for example - said is not something given to homo sapiens, but something that´s culturally built and conquered. Romans claimed they were "humane" compared to barbarians - that´s what Cicero liked to think: they were compassionate, drawn to knowledge and the arts, to justice and liberty, the law and their shared institutions, and brotherhood, philantropy and respect for the others... Barbarians were described as revengeful, blood-thirsty, arbitrary, violent, irrational, greedy... Makes me go on thinking about the title of some Spanish book: Desire to be a Redskin [Deseo de ser un piel roja, Miguel Morey]. It seems like today, the roles have changed completely. The so called barbarians: indigenous people, punks, hackers... are the humane beings, while the "civilized" have become the barbarians...

Now that people are talking about post-humans, i hope the puritans-without-a_soul won´t become the model for the post-human!

Posted by osfavelados at February 2, 2003 06:13 AM

What Bush needs is to get a little nookie (sex) from one of them cute interns. Maybe blowing his wad in that type of situation will hold him back from blowing his wad on Iraq. :)

Posted by: Tony DuShane on February 2, 2003 03:40 PM
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