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February 28, 2003


I lit a candle, drank some tea to write what is officially my last entry for B(b)O with some music from Amon Tobin, Red Snapper, DJ Krush, Vienna scientist, etc. (Stopped smoking several months ago and decided I might as well give up drinking. So, no wine, whiskey or cigars, sorry. But me guest to use any substance to your liking, I don’t disapprove of any of them, as long as you don’t shoot. Hey, this is Holland.)

Today, I ordered some stuff to be delivered to my house. At first, I asked if it was okay to deliver it Saturday. Then I asked if it might be possible to do it on Friday. He just looked me in the eye and said “No, sorry, it’s too late for that”. The customer is always right, right? It was about 7 pm (19:00), the shop was about to close. I really thought today was Thursday. Am I in Denial?

What happens if I just squat this place? (Got some experience with that.)

I send the stuff I wrote about Spaghetti to several people and I am awaiting reactions (give them to me please!!!!). If all the Spaghetti dust settles down again, I will start to work on the things I really want to do with the program. My communist granddad left me a big stamp collection, which I sold for a great deal of money (he was a member of the commintern, so he probably used his conections to get the best stamps possible). I scanned them all. If anyone wants to do a 19th- early 20th century novel using letters written by someone from Spain and someone from Russia (with a revolutionary context) I can provide pictures for all the stamps necessary.

Anyway, the collection contained one very nice stamp of a building. I think I will use that as a model for the scenery used in my Spaghetti adventure about a squatter who returns to his old home. Here it is. Well, it is big, maybe too big, but I will try. The place should be in ruins, so it will then no longer be that big, would it? Or is this too corney? (Thought about the Heiner Mueller Hamlet Maschiene scene where people live in the nostrils and eye sockets of destroyed statues of their leaders)

Goodbye for now.

Posted by Jeroen Goulooze at February 28, 2003 04:34 PM

hi jeroen
i will begin reading spaguetti hopefully this weekend, sorry i am slow...

the building looks awesome... my favourite story about squatters, - once again and of course -, is a william gibson [and bruce setrling one], its part of the collection burning chrome: the title, Red Star, Winter Orbit, very appropriate for your russian stamp... it´s about some space travellers who squatt a decadent russian space lab... th old russian colonel is completely depressed about all the decadence in the space ship where he as been abandoned to himself, but the newcomers are extremely excited and they just find beauty and potential where the old hero was seeing death...

it´s been fun reading your posts, and learning about your adventures, past and present. let´s keep in touch. to begin with, i owe you the comments about s.

all the best _ osfa

Posted by: osfa on February 28, 2003 06:03 PM

Dear Jeroen,
I wish you the best with your Spaghetti.
Good bye for now, and only for now, I hope.

Posted by: Cindy Gabriela on February 28, 2003 08:08 PM
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