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February 28, 2003

to realize daydreams...

To realize daydreams is such a monstrous task that every once in a while i might
have to synthesize them into poetry in order not to feel a pervasive futility.

Just to leave them lying about in the mind unattended is as if i have eaten too many cookies or swallowed a solution too quickly.

And to not allow one daydream to begin where another has just left off would be like listening to a string ensemble only plucked and never bowed.

i just came from a play about Buckminster Fuller... and now i will somehow try to
figure out sometime during the day how to synergize its impressions with the unfinished and reinvented blog wheels together with Sokurov's Russian Ark
and whatever else feels might suddenly become as ominous as the desire to create a continuous More .

Posted by pod(s) at February 28, 2003 03:05 AM

hey pod, i already said bye in your last post, but here i am again!

ready to follow through with a new and improved version of the growlog... keep me posted!

ni un paso atrás en SF! best _ osfa

Posted by: osfa on February 28, 2003 06:12 PM

.. ammm bad at saying goodbeys.. hope to hear from you...

Posted by: Jeroen Goulooze on March 1, 2003 03:07 AM
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