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February 27, 2003

organic growLogs - part 1

ok , i don't know what the wider consensus is out there for continuing to b[o]ther... since only a few of us responded as it was first being asked. And the idea came up for once-a-week blog , which seemed like a logical evolutionary proposal... and yet i was a little silent at first because it would still be time consuming ... and ADDICTIVE... and the coming weeks for me are going to get much more focused on a film project... and other BiG changes on the horizon.

so i'm still somewhere in the middle ... still enjoying this venue for articulating...
writing and ordering the thought-streams in an e-community.

REGARDLESS of whether or not we continue , i can't help but imagine where this SEED Blog could go.... my meddler and tweaker instincts always in gear.

so this " report " is either useful for a model to continue or some architechtural designs for future multi-user blogs + netforums, which i see as a highly valuable medium for communicating... a very TACTICAL and apropos GLOBAL medium ... especially if the BB were transposed into some goal-driven themes ... or at least took on some organic structures after this pleasant and casual freeform , this "character-introductions" phase.

but maybe that's not what a blog IS , that i'm really more interested in Net Forums... project-oriented Net Forums ...nevertheless the movable type / blogware stuff has opened up some new thinking.... and maybe wiki is another step in this direction, but so far i've only viewed "protesto" and "greenmuseum.org" ...
( and mapping structures are no doubt already a huge task/challenge to figure out , but i'm just going to imagine what this COULD look like. see below )

and first-off let me say , as it parallels something that just came up in dialogue with jeroen's work ... a really cool connection to the "characters" here HAS developed ... undoubtedly due to Fran's well-gardened network of friends ! ... and now that this circle is formed ( fragmented as it is by a language barrier ) well, that's when the " Game " just starts to get interesting ! Also the Ark-languages- suggestion is valuable, perhaps more on that later .


actually as i quikly dipped into researching net forums today ( and i'm a real novice, though i've lurked the Thing and Nettime for a while ) , i've noticed that without some personal connections, the "raw data flow" gets to be a little too remote ... insular... cut-off... a time vacuum .
or as Jaron Lanier once described VR , you really appreciate coming up for air
into a real environment.

perhaps you all know of better? other ? structured Forums out there ... if you have time, please send me some examples , cause now i'm VERY CURIOUS to see ways in which this communication form can EVOLVE.

even the THing and Nettime seem DUE for NEW ARCHITECTURES , so it seems a really ripe and valuable THEME in itself... a multi-user Blog for cultivating Blog forms.

and finally as an intro to a report : i am primarily interested in a TACTiCAL MEDIUM given the current state of the planet :


Report : New Architecture for a multi-user Tactical GrowLog

note : i like this term growlog cause it rhymes with Prologue and as is see it anything virtual is a preface for physical world interactions - as long as we are still Humans - but it may be just a little too quaint - any suggestions ??


the current forum structures don't mirror any ORGANIC processes , they are very box-like , sterile office forms ... as Osfa mentioned in an entry "Corbusier before the curves"... nor do they use the huge potential of the non-textual graphic medium of the screen so what if you could view the text flow in a PICTURESQUE form that resembled an organism...
and like a yahoo-maps program that you could zoom in and out.

as i was thinking about this , the first form references that kept reappearing were a tree (and viewed from above - a starfish) :

the trunk is the assembled-core group and , as the thought directions fan out , they do so like branches ... and each entry is fairly accessible from a front page " map ".

imagine you are looking at this tree/map from above ...

now given ALL the topics which have come up here in BB , this would be pretty
chaotic , so it would help order things by a fairly loose grid ...

something like 4 directions ... N-S / E-W
but to make it more poetic and pertaining to topics i think would make for
critically revelant threads ...i actually imagined something like:

x-Love-War / y- Sustainability-Tactical

now as the entries came in you would have to place them somewhere in this grid as best as you could ... well creating these axis would be crucial , and i threw these out on a whim ... but here as a couple of examples:

if i were to talk about creating a wiki forum like "protesto":
then it would fall between war and tactical

if i were to talk about urban community garden/agriculture:
between love + sustainabilty


ok , i'm sure this is getting difficult to visualize and wish i could post my sketches ... but i'll try to get deeper into it tomorrow... less stream of thought...

i wonder if this is going anywhere .

peace + urgency,

Posted by pod(s) at February 27, 2003 12:23 AM

Once heard that people work best in tribes of no more than 15, because then they are able to have a personel relation ship with every one of them. Maybe that's got something to do with the way things work out at Nettime and The Thing. There is not personal connection, just a datastream.

Posted by: Jeroen Goulooze on February 27, 2003 02:35 AM

hey jeroen,

i gotta go sleep...

but yes , exactly !!!

cool ! looking fwd to dropping in tomorrow !


Posted by: teapod on February 27, 2003 03:54 AM

hi pod
the four principles /axis map sounds pretty cool... and probably reading 13x4 and writing 4 messages a month could be something that most of us could manage for the next... 3 / 6 months, which could be a trial period... maybe we can take a break for a month, or maybe each of us, or some of us could bring in a pal...

ok, i am willing to go for a more relaxed bigbother... some kind of combination with a larger list / could be another opportunity...

shall we think about four different formats: letīs say: each brother/sista would post every month a text, a video an audio piece and an image... could be his/her own or from some other source...

ok, this is it by now.
itīs been a pleasure sharing this common flow of conscious for a month, letīs stay in touch _ osfa

Posted by: osfa on February 28, 2003 10:59 AM
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