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February 26, 2003


Today's game characters are nothing more than walking buttons. some have more actions attached to them than others. To feel connected to them can only be possiblee when one uses another medium. Pod is right about that.

But that's a pitty isn't it? Unfortunately I lost a link to a group of people who are developing more livelike characters, and I hear they have come a long way since I last visited the site.

But the main question is: do we feel connected to characters because they are realistic enough? Or do we feeel connected to them because they give us a good reason to feel connected to them? With the later I mean that they do not have to be realistic, but they have to give us stimuli that bring us inside the game. Batman is not realistic, many comic characters are not realistic, but we feel for them.

Would this be possible without movie fragments?

Programs still have to go a long way. someone on slashdot once said that the development of computers wwill stop when even the worst designed program will give us stimuli that can not be destinguished from reality. Wait and see, new possibilitiess will arrive.

Pod: Thought about the comic book type of story too: every half year or so a new episode in the game. thought about a concept where one adds a world to an allready existing game. and that world can be used seperately or in combination with the game you allready have. Planets and a portal system? I have a scenario lying around somewhere about the subject. Was supposed to be a 3D tv series. We wanted to make a trailer, but we did not even get there;-(

Posted by Jeroen Goulooze at February 26, 2003 02:53 AM
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