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February 23, 2003


... after a very slow morning that went on until 4pm, i joined my very extended family for lunch at the tribeīs farmhouse.

of course, by that time there was no more food left. had some coffee instead, and hung for a while with my 40 or 60 uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews and nieces. it was a cold but luminous afternoon...

afterwards, i stopped by at home to see if i could find something to eat. had a diet peach yogurt, a banana, and two cigarrettes, and moved on for a dinner & work meeting with a couple of friends.

in our way to Jorgeīs home, in Castilleja de la Cuesta, a town on the other side of sevilla, i was trying to explain to Susana about my addiction to big [b]other. she didnīt say much, but it was very obvious that it didnīt make any sense to her. i began explaining about the odd intimacy in bb, the perverse ties that have arosen between this non-place and some of the players... however, not receiving any feedback at all, i discreetly just changed the topic of our conversation, as if the previous comments had never existed.

for dinnner, we had home cooked cous-cous and a couple of glasses of vino de Chipiona. our work session dealt with informal education. we designed a role game about peace and war in irak that we are going to propose as an excercise at a local high school next wednesday.

Ąno descansan los malvados!
5 days to go... ! *osfa

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