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February 21, 2003

Day 1.2

The meaning of sound: Cake Air Portishhead
An arrow facing down
A solitary flower looks back at me
I am speechless A little pressure on my chest
By the end of the day

I decided to do a literary design lab
The ‘ I am sick of TV Day’
A site catalyzing ideas for activist projects very much like RTMark -
this since the last 4 projects I was involved were sort of activisty type

Coletivo de historias digitais
Mídia Tática Brasil
Protest ‘0’
Recicle 1 Politico
The newest I am sick of TV day

More details to come soon
Try to make them happen

Use pop always
The nice bit of it

Card of the day: L’etoile

Posted by Tatiana Wells at February 21, 2003 04:55 PM

hola tatiana,

inspired by protest'o' , i proposed this week to create a wiki section at whisperedmedia.org to keep a log of
immigrant detainee stories ... as we collect all the links and research and perspectives... and was excited by the fact that it could even serve as a way for stories to come to light that might need to remain anonymous ...

looking fwd to the tv jams !

Posted by: podp on February 21, 2003 08:46 PM

yey ! that is really cool Just checked the site

I am trying to find someone to design a page for the TV off day to have it at our tactical media week

I am also very interested in the power of histories and the daily miths that makes us what we are

:) are you in SF ?
x t

Posted by: Tatiana on February 22, 2003 06:54 PM
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