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February 13, 2003


not in the best mood for blogging tonight.

In the morning i went back to writing for my phd thesis that i had abandoned more than a month ago. I have been doing a lot of theoretical and practical research however. Getting back to it made me feel good:

"Rather than an actual concept, - autonomy for the zapatistas -, is today a desire and an ongoing experimental search" [from a video interview we made to Gustavo Esteva, the oaxacan scholar, in 2001].

"The new actonomy consists of thousands of bigger and smaller activities, which are all by themselves meaningful, manageable, and sustainable..." [Florian Schneider & Geert Lovink, The new actonomy]

Affinity groups, innovation commons, CPRs, smart mobs...

I still haven´t uploaded my own elaborations of autonomy and it´s connections to cooperation... as one of the pieces of my personal cartography of Los Angeles, which is what my phd is about... Maybe tomorrow...

At the personal level, autonomy is opposed to dependence...
[En lo personal, autonomía se opone a dependencia]

so long _ osfa

* CPR: common pool resources, like this blog?

Posted by osfavelados at February 13, 2003 04:17 PM

what? still working the phD? revolutionaries don't need college diplomas. o es que la revolucion es un cachondeo?

un abrazo,

hans blix

Posted by: antonio on February 14, 2003 11:31 AM
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