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February 12, 2003

more (true) sleepytime communiques...

first film: untitled

... my childhood has been bombed by a poisonous gas. apparently it's futile , but we all put on surgical masks ...so as not to breathe the gas , but it seems inevitable... we are all wasting away with time... perhaps it can give us an extra day or 2 to survey the damage and know what we have lost , like a comp ticket preview to Hades... the child's world is over.

From my dearest childhood memories my first innocent crush ( age 6 ) and favorite neighborhood playmate, Olga ( she died many years back , very possibly from "Aids" , but it was not something anyone in our hometown really had much experience of and the family may have either tried to keep this quiet or simply just accepted the symptoms as causes, pnuemonia, etc. ) decides she will take her mask off . And rather than blood beginning to trickle from her nose and mouth , her body crumpling to the ground like all the others , she dives beneath the surface of this artficial suburban cemetery. like she has just matured enough to part from her mother and hold her breath and morph into an adult fish.

now her perceptions are not tainted by the clouds of smoke , the WHITE NOISE ( Don DeLillo-esque ) , the rubbled past... the seaworld is rich with a kaleidescope
of lifeforms only she seems to be moving slower , floating through this new environment rather than that gravitational-bound one-foot-after-another way of travelling. She does a horizontal pirouette... and then wriggles her tail to propel herself down towards the hedges that were the barrier between her house and mine , and she easily glides between the branches and thru the tiny holes of the chainlink fence.


next film: untitled




nocturnal emissions .


3rd film: " A Negativeland Wet Dream "

there i was in the Roman colliseum selling my c-jams, CDs , stickers , and edible sweet and salty Zines , and U2 was playing there... and suddenly sitting just above me are Bono , the Edge , bodyguards and an entourage of lawyers. It's THEM i've c-jammed in my latest edible , playable mix. But it's all casual , not like this is anything unusual , but i'm freaking out ... i just gave them my latest work and they're IN IT , but also have this sensation like wow, well whose minds could be better to subvert . This is It ! a crack at cracking the "pop culture codes" ( this isn't fully explained )...and the excitement mounts. is this a chance to bring down the Giant , whoever, whatever he is ... or to influence him ? And speaking of giants , NOW, talking w/ U2 is a little like a Hobbit talking to Ents , only instead of being held by the limbs of a tree it's like being wrapped up in a Bank Account.
or is this uneven playing field an illusion ? I begin talking about the various tactical projects , like sustainable agriculture / farmer's markets for the very oppressed and unsustainable neighborhoods of an urban decayed megatropolis.
and they are all EARS !

... the scene shifts to a highly produced documentary/commercial ...sorta like a chris cunningham clip. An aircraft carrier hull is being loaded and stacked by cranes w/ millions of packages of Hot Dogs. piled up in 100ft -high rows, and then the carrier from an ariel shot is sailing thru a tunnel to a remote and desolate war-torn land... and then the scene cuts from this hyper-realism to a narrative that explains that all this plastic and meat will not provide 2% of the population of this continent for one day's meal. i.e. Colonel Capital McRescue is doomed !


yep the sleepytime has links, sometimes immediately after and sometimes even many years later... but quik before it's too late...

Don Delillo's White Noise
( my dad sent me this book a few years back ! )

culture jams:
crazy jeff links
( see in the bottom left corner , but don't hesitate to browse elsewhere in this oasis of pure aerial boyhood meets post-modern mayhem )

negativland meets the Edge
( this classic never seems to diminish in tactical leg-pulling/ambush instructiveness ! )

Chris Cunningham
( if only he'd really take on an issue ! )

Posted by pod(s) at February 12, 2003 02:56 PM

hey pod,
nice entry
i liked a lot olga flowing through the tiny holes of the chainlink fence... and you selling cds at the roman coliseum...

will check out the negativeland interview...

so long, osfa

Posted by: osfa_wewearbuildings on February 12, 2003 06:14 PM
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