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February 10, 2003

new friends

back to seville, staying for the night at my parents home. came back from madrid riding the last ave [alta velocidad española]. sánchez gordillo, the SOC leader was sitting two rows away in the train. SOC [sindicato de obreros del campo] could be described as something similar to the MST in Brazil, but smaller and in spain.

my last day in mad was quite beatiful. Did a lot of talking - and some walking -. With Ana at breakfast, a squatter in Manresa, Catalonia, visiting in Madrid.

With Cristina, a radical feminist, one of the people at eskalera karakola an occupied feminist social center in lavapies. it´s been going on for 6 years. usually guys aren´t allowed, but they made an exception for me as an architect wanting to learn about their project. i told her i was feeling like a priest in a nun convent. Ended up at her home, meeting her girlfriend, and discussing los angeles´mike davis, and their strategy to convince the city to expropriate the historical building, renovate it, and eventually donate it to eskalera karakola to go on with their women center project. wouldn´t be the first time something like this would have been achieved in europe...

Finally, i returned to my own home, La Grieta, helped Sylvia clean up a bit and went out again for a last drink with Arancha. She is one of madrid´s squatter scene veterans. But it seems that the new form of making politics, has also reached the okupa movement. she is a young and beatiful woman who is as knowledgable about Deleuze and Guattari & Negri, as she is about Cronenberg and William Gibson, or Richard Stallman and the free software movement. Right now she is working on a seminar she will be teaching / facilitating on new flesh at madrid hack-lab, towards the end of the month. She was also telling me about a book... can´t remember the title, whose thesis is that all the wars and fights in West Asia respond to the struggle between dna-ists and cyborg-ists!!! And she even made me believe it is a reasonable and interesting book to study! And all this labyrinthine, inspiring and lucid mind, combined with a courageous capacity for action and organization.

Anyways, with Arancha, i felt this intense desire of becoming her friend. Someone you admire, respect and want to love and be close by and do all kinds of things with. Something that hadn´t happened to me so intensely since a long time ago, an almost adolescent feeling _ that makes me even a little self conscious. And even worse, this has happened more than once this weekend! -may this be the effect of the belicist environment, or maybe it is the effect of smoking bad grass, or a postmodern mojo??

it felt indeed, like some kind of friendship-infatuation... Anyways, it did make me feel very good and happy. I still do...

So, half of the project for the weekend really worked...

soon more, about our future projects in common... bsss _ osfa

Posted by osfavelados at February 10, 2003 06:23 PM

hey osfa,

i'm glad you feel very happy. you know what they say, life during wartimes... lots of sex, creativity, etc. perhaps that's what mr bush (sr. coño en inglés) is after. perhaps laura is not putting out and monica was ran out of town.

monica, please go back to washington, the world needs you there,


hans blix

ps: this weekend we are doing a mr. tamale/deepak/antenaboy/the wartime project event on downtown la. wish you could be there.

Posted by: antonio on February 10, 2003 11:05 PM

Sin comentarios...

Posted by: Cindy Gabriela on February 11, 2003 01:59 AM

Ahora, sobre tu post, Osfa, suena muy divertida e interesante tu visita a Madrid =.)

Has conocido a mujeres cuyo trabajo me intriga y, desde ya, admiro.

Entiendo tus sentimientos ante tales amazonas ;-.)

Estaré pendiente para leer sobre tus nuevos proyectos.

Un abrazo.

Posted by: Cindy Gabriela on February 11, 2003 02:04 AM

hola Osfa
lo de iconoclasta es que lo disimulo bien, es por lo del colegio de monjas, se aprende el arte del camuflaje... oye,que bien escribes en ingles-sevillano que te entiendo todo. A mi también me gustan los carrying de Pepe espaliu...me encantará verlos en directo.
Lo de arco ya sé que es un asco, bueno, es lo que es, un mercadillo. yo la verdad es que separo las cosas, para mi son dos cosas que no tiene nada que ver (la práctica artística que me interesa y los circuitos institucionales y el mercado que no es sino algo colateral, un efecto secundario capitalista, que es cierto, toma tal autonomía que termina por autoproclamarse representante del arte en la tierra)...nunca he estado allí...voy en calidad de observador, como los de la ONU...el cabildo de tenerife lleva una foto mía que me compró hace un par de años...
p.d. oye, ¿al final no has venido a Tenerife? ¿no era en enero cuando venías?

Posted by: teresa on February 11, 2003 04:05 AM

ola compas
cindy, te paso algunas direcciones esta tarde.

blix, gracias por los comments, y suerte con el event. hay que hacer streaming para la próxima!!!!

´mute, cómete a la peña de arco, son tuyos!!!

Posted by: osfa on February 11, 2003 06:56 AM
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