Walker Art Center


February 09, 2003

Day 7 & 8

After waiting for him one year and 3 months the minute he comes I split with him As natural as my last months vagueness towards deep feelings It’s like I am free from a spell Unsurprisingly homecoming This person is my soul mate my best friend and we keep on going as if nothing strange have happened these 5 years together We have never had an argument a harsh word to each other We slip from lovers to friends as we somehow knew that a brotherly relation could not fit this world

The only moment I cry is when I remember his parents And somehow understand how his beautiful family held me strong My own mother – run away since 17 suffocated My Father – there could have been a relation there forced meting him when 18 started recognizing traces and smiles taken away at 23 His parents were the ones who loved me not for blood and with time

Decided to try and figure out how to stay in Sao Paulo three more months do cushions teach English walk dogs I feel as free and happy as if I knew what now

Card of the day: le pendu

Posted by Tatiana Wells at February 9, 2003 06:48 AM
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