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February 08, 2003

the feminine and Faustus make music

Manilla heads to " Activating the Medium " a sound art festival at SF MOMA - Musem of Modern Art- which began last night ... she enters precisely half-way in at intermission to avoid that " money-taking scene" cause she senses possible irritants in the program.

( " Le Hombre Invisible" al a William Burroughs planted well into her ontological toolkit , the method which allows access to many a necessary information /play-field in hard times. )

" What was THAT !? fucking p-r-e-t-e-n-t-i-o-u-s shit ! "

briefly, 2 pieces that were using LOW frequency sound to rattle the ventilation and other loose structures of the theater architecture . the precision is impressive, but Manilla elaborates ...

" i mean , shouldn't there be a disclaimer that this is NOT ART! i feel like i just stepped into Livermore Laboratories and some physics Faustus w/ a deficiency in self-esteem wants to show me how he can smash atoms ... he gets up on the platform whips out his latest dissertation and proceeds to wank , without the slightest thought towards what humans might do w/ His radioactive jism . He has nevertheless accomplished a fearsome task, in fact he now holds us hostage in his power to achieve indisposable waste AND blow up the planet... in our apocalyptic predicament today science w/out ... Poetry ... gives an ability for the military complex to become pure knowledge's groupie, coddle his eccentricities and newfound erection , and establish an impenetrable wall between him and his critics , the public, human life. Hal, 2001 and all that shit ! And now Hal's gotten hold of his dead parent's credit card for all the digital porn it can imagine.

but of course we are just talking about a sound and digital technology performance ...

" ok ok. Look HERE, we are miles away from the fucking LAB , the MAN ( 3 men ) has entered a theater, a museum ... there's no narrative , there's no emotion, there's no song, there's no color , there's no human conflict, there's no perceptive journey , no true eroticism ... in fact the prick is sitting behind his laptop and doesn't even reveal the process... rather he just wants to flex his minimalist digital hard-on. "

there is obviously something in the work that provokes a deep reaction , perhaps a new territory unleashed ...

" yeah i see it like a mathematical exploration of overtone "singing "
( rather a deeply studied experiment in using UNDERtones ) Now, imagine if the Tuva singers in all their sacred beauty got up on stage and sang in Mongolian overtones " Fuck You !" for 30 minutes to see how the audience would react. ... well, BASS feels good if you're trying to stimulate my architecture baby , but if your just trying to rattle the pipes cause you can tweak the knobs over there and make the hardware rattle over here ... i'm sorry i'm not stimulated. maybe if you did it in concert with a character's theatrical moment of epiphany or catharsis, well it might induce magic ... look this is simply like an invention of a new car ... you haven't attatched it yet to the discovery of wheels that have now been around for 2 millenium at least , or to the human narrative which has been around even longer, and your sitting in the garage wondering how to get high on exhaust fumes... sorry i need some air , cause i'm not a tool for this ego . motherfucker !


" science as art . fuck it . give me an upside-down drug-induced opera about Artaud's society-tortured life anyday ! ( perhaps she is refering to Tutuguri by Wolfgang Rihm ) give me a painting by Leonora Fini and her luxurious bedrooms for the animal spirits ... look you know i love experimental sound but give me a David Shea sampled tapestry of musical histories so i have space to dream within the composition ... don't just fill my frickin head with WHITE NOISE !


"Look it even says it in their program ,"The method is science . The aim is religion " an essay by Zbigniew Karkowski ... resonance becomes a vehicle or force in which we can then activate or appropriate change w/ in the bodies of mass. blah-blah. just go back and read the title asshole !
WALLS don't communicate w/ the gods , PEOPLE do . so play for the people . play for the gods. give us something to ride (in-) to them."


" i hate this fucking techno patriarchy ! "



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