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February 06, 2003

vente pa madrid!

ay joselí, vente pa madrid!

words in a Ketama song, from their first recording, before becoming famous, back in the 80s. Ketama is the mountainous region in Marocco were hash is produced. Itīalso one of the first bands that made flamenco pop-rock fusions. I always liked much better Pata Negra, however.

Never really liked "Mad" that much. It sounds cool calling it mad, like in the airport tags, but it ainīt that mad, as far as i am concerned.

I am in madrid, this is it. But it is more about returning a visit to some hackeros friends i like a lot than anything else, and also some scientific pursuits: social networking, an interview with my editors about a new project, meeting some interesting people participating at the labo.03, trying to see if some intellectual connection i made with a woman few weeks ago could become something else: to be more precisely scientific: becomings friendship + sex.

First evening here hasnīt been that awesome. Cool to see dani again and to meet his girl, Tere-like our pals here in bb-. Dani is working on a manifesto against the Spanish government information technologies policies. I guess what our too clever politicians are trying to do is, once again, to follow their model, i.e., the us government, and their partners/bosses, i.e., the corporations. Will upload a link to the document as soon as it is ready. One of the new laws they have announced will punish sharing a dsl connection -v.g. through wireless - with a year in prison!!! And this is exactly what dany and their colleagues are doing right now! As a service to the community: Free access, innovation commons and all that stuff!

After playing for a while with his linux we went out for a walk around Malasaņa and Chueca. Ended up with another new friend, Gora, at a concert of a young woman, name, Merche Corisco. It was all right! She made some Nick Cave kind of songs -made me think of tony-. Sexy girl, looking like amelie but with a wicked twist. After the gig, dany was trying to convince her to distribute her music independently through the internet. The people at the labo.03 are having a seminar soon around copyright and patents and will soon have their own independent music distribution coop. I believe, they are already working with kiko veneno, a locally well known musician-Pacho might probably know him. The pitch worked to become friends with merche, and we laughed for a while and had some drinks and smoked some joints together. Taking it easy.

Now i have to go back to tuesday. I forgot to write about the assembly of the sevilla social forum. The meeting dealt with the preparation of the february 15th march against the war. The room, in comisiones obreras [ccoo], the communist union, was packed. We meet there because itīs the largest auditorium easily available to people like us. There were more than a hundred individuals and representatives of several dozens of organizations. Everybody believes itīs gonna be a huge march. People in madrid are also excited about the march here.

Just before the assembly i met with my work group within the forum. This previous meeting was at the CGT, the anarchist union, which is actually around the corner from ccoo. We are working organizing "antiglobalization" seminars in local schools. [Of course "antiglobalization" really means critic, resistance and action against the neoliberal globalization]. We have just begun, with a workshop last january 30th at a high school in the wildest part of town, a neighborhood called "las 3000 viviendas" -where Pata Negra comes from-, our local equivalent to, for example, Los Angelesī South Central. I actually got inspired by some similar workshops i participated in South Central L.A. some years ago. The kids in sevilla were very enthusiastic, critical and participative.

As an extra personal surprise-gift, I found there a girl i have always liked very much. After living some kind of vida loca for a while, between night life and very confrontational political pratices, she has decided to go back to school. Itīs this kind of woman one finds on some very odd ocassions, that makes your heart beat fast, - eventhough your mind is coldly sure that thereīs no possibility of anything... reasonable... coming out of that irresistible passion. Anything but suffering, confusion, frustration? Another amazing pair of black eyes... D + G write about the eyes that show and hide...

We just got an invitation to organize a second -insurrectional- workshop at the same high school next february 26th. I guess iīd need to think about some tactical media for that day... to deal with my heart beat. My proposal for the day is to organize some role playing on social net war: narrative, doctrine, organization, tech, and social basis...

so long for the rhizome tonight / osfa

Posted by osfavelados at February 6, 2003 08:16 PM

hey osfa ,

upon re -scanning this story i want to tell you
and friends who are interested in copyright and patents to check out :
it is a slow building movement but they have some brilliant ideas for alternatives and a gradual realistic Reclaiming !

and they have this kinda cool animated educational vid clip about it.

the labo.03 sounds awesome ...
maybe the cellspacers could link up and do exchanges in the near futuro !

: )

Posted by: pods on February 7, 2003 09:44 PM
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