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February 04, 2003

hoy no, please.

i would like to tell what happened to me this day, but in a weird way this day almost didn't exist at all. i arrived at diana and pit home somewhere near sunrise, we stayed till then in bootlab in one of this transmediale partys. so the day basically didn't exist: i woke up maybe at 3pm. i worked as much as i could in my computer, and arrived late to the only conference i wanted to attend today. in fact i didn't arrive to the conference at all. i had a meeting in the restaurant of haus der kultur der welt with a german editor who's showing interest in my work, and met andrés burbano (a colombian videoartist) who doesn't look at all as i thought he would. he came to say hi meanwhile i was conspiring with florian schneider (the founder of the kein mensch ist illegal bordercamps) and discussing the possibility of taking the borderhack to a different extreme.

afterwards i saw 3 of the exhibitions at transmediale, and in a way i have to admit i prefered the videoart to the computer art, as i thought the videoart was actually saying something, as opposed to the computer art which i believe was somehow redundant. seems i'm not the only one who thought this way, as the jury came to the conclussion that there would be no winner for the interactive art category.

afterwards i came to the torolab tent to do a tijuana reunion (we've heard of each other, but so far hadn't met), and ended up talking for a long time to david cuartielles and kristoffer gansing from malmo, sweden, whom i knew from a long time ago as i used to participate in their mailing list. we always wanted to collaborate, but somehow never managed to. we basically talked for a couple of hours about networks, digital narrative, urban maps, interactive art, film theory, novels, and how to be make a mix that can work as a community project. they are showing a piece they made 2 years ago, and which is a companion to a film adaptation of james joyce finnegan's wake novel. just talking to them really encouraged me of leaving the subtropical warm of la colonia roma in df, and moving to the inspiring coldness of scandinavia. we will talk tomorrow once more, i'm sure...

anyhow, afterwards i got some really bad news from méxico. which completeley affect me money wise. after all, i'm almost a homeless with an iBook and some dreams and a lot of work which doesn't pay the bills. so i had to stay plugged to my computer and do some work. it's snowing outside and i just missed the pan sonic show. sascha from twen fm and me are the only ones in bootlab and neither of us has a key. so if we leave we stay out. a while ago he went to mcdonalds to get some food, he brought me french fries, and apple pie and a 1 lt. coke.

and you know what i'm still happy.

subo mi vlog mañana.


Posted by fran ilich at February 4, 2003 07:00 PM

Hola Fran,

great to hear the bits and pieces of yur berlin / transmediale experiences ...

and thanks so much for this here awesome thread of blogs ! i'm really psyched to be in this community ( just wish i had more time to translate the spanish bits )

sounds like high intensity there ! a whirlwind of networks. all the best in working out the current bugs... zum beispiel Geld !

as i recall winters in berlin can have a way to put one through deep massive catharsis .
once when things got really heavy at the end of a long conference i was about to crash and found myself scooped up by some friends and dropped into Blub ( baden) in Neukoln ... we actually managed to sneak in somehow ... sorry don't remember the trick .


here in SF i've started working with a new documentary film team and researching the current immigration detention horrors here ...
( i will write more on this later )
and the model of noborder work keeps coming up as inspiration !

wish i could come hang w/ you and florian , and can't wait to hear of new borderhack incarnations !!!

peace+urgency ,

ps. still waiting to hear from some old friends ... to put you in touch ...stay tuned.

Posted by: podp on February 5, 2003 01:56 AM

Man, don't know what to say. It is so awfull when you want to go on, and you know you can pull it off, but then there is this thing called money.

But when I picture it happening against a Berlin background it sounds like a great starting point for a novel/movie, or a biography.

Posted by: Jeroen Goulooze on February 5, 2003 05:32 AM
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