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February 04, 2003

deconstructing simulation...

... simulation, or are they just good old straightforward lies! Today, there´s an invaluable article by Miguel León Portilla in El País - spanish third way-corporate paper -.

There´s this story about Noam Chomsky having problems with his teeth. The dentists wouldn´t find out why his teeth where getting broken. Eventually they found out it was because of his mouth tightening while reading the morning news... I already posted last night... but reading the paper, makes me have to post again...

The comment is connected to teresa a´s last post about the kuwait babies´ spin doctoring. - Spin doctors, is not a word we use in spanish. It names those specialists in media simulation favouring governments and corporations... In spain, in the late 80s they were more modestly named "fontaneros" [that is plumbers], i believe...

Anyways professor León Portilla, beautifully deconstructs an article signed by a bunch of bush´s ass licking european presidents, published in different papers all over the world a few days ago; it was entitled: "Europe and America Shall Stay United".

The Mexican scholar´s article title is: "America is Something Else". [América es otra cosa]. To begin with he explains that the article signed by Aznar, Berlusconi and Co was an initiative coming from Dow Jones an Co and The Wall Street Journal - same corporation. From this beginning you can imagine what goes on. Still it is extremely serene, full of historical data and a big feeling of peace and love... and common sense...

I will try to translate some excerpts later on... read it if you can...

all the best, and let´s go beyond simulation, into hypersimulation - Baudrillard suggested, - it seems like people seldom get all the way to the end of his arguments- # osfa

aahhh & A Bloody Mary for Mr presidenT

Posted by osfavelados at February 4, 2003 07:01 AM

pues gracias por la reseña, a ver si lo consigo (el artículo)
salu2, idoru

Posted by: teresa on February 4, 2003 03:15 PM

Hola Osfa,

Ah ! Whenever I think of Baudrillard I remember an unusual ( and somewhat apolitical ) lecture by Jerry Brown ( former Govenor of Califormia, presidential candidate in 1992 , and now mayor of Oakland ) who related B.'s perceptions on Disneyworld in Simulacra ( ? ).

The DisneyWorld themepark was created to train everyone to think that the rest of America is Real .

Looking fwd to the excerpts from Portilla if you have time.


And there's a new Chomsky documentary playing in SF right now... i can't wait to see it and/ or the Thai bootleg version ; - )

And here's a little c-jam excercise to relieve the stress :
whenever you ride the subway take a corporate newspaper and scribble in your
own deconstructed headlines ... links to alternative news sources , and ( my favorite)
pig noses and ears on all the Wall Street stars.

and then leave it on the seat for the next rider.

saludos !

Posted by: pod T. on February 5, 2003 01:57 PM
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