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February 04, 2003

2nd Screening !

( even though it's technically feb4 , this is my feb3 entry ...
i hope i'm not disqualified from the miss/mr. blog universe contest
for this seemingly minor infraction or like a Willy Wonka brat tossed
into the shute for rejected blueberries )

last night after our radio netcast at the warehouse we were treated to a Thai bootleg of Two Towers and thought i would skip out to ride my bike down to the bay and/or explore this neighborhood where i've rarely ventured , but once it started, i got pleasantly sucked in and our beautiful hosts brought blankets out and made popcorn , and well... this being my 2nd viewing ,
was surprisingly rewarding ...

shortly after seeing this film the first time a friend mentioned Tolkein's Christianity , something which had never entered into my very memorable experiences with these stories as a pre-pubescent , escapist sponge... i had eaten it up like heroic nourishment of pure child-mind adventure ....ooooooh, now i was beginning to think this could be an entirely intact adolescent harddrive that had not been disabled of downloaded Christian programming ... stuff to which i had taken at times, not a meticulous or surgical approach , but more driven to it with a drunken fury and a hatchet , and without any real knowledge as to what needed removal, i.e. what exactly is the foreign object causing the spirit to double over in those mysterious cramps ...

well , now many years later , it seems that it ALL ( the mind ? ) requires a certain amount of maintenance which varies from day-to-day , sometimes just a simple chore to clear the paths of unwanted psychological debris...and other times an extremely challenging labyrinth that's either accepted or relished, ... since , even if at any given moment my own mind feels liberated there's any number of frenzied and powerful madmen at work who have been infected w/ confidence in their own downloaded mixtures/beliefs .

why the journey sounds so Tolkeinesque ! and maybe the loops need a good deconstructive reboot now and again just to be sure we aren't in some futile pattern... ideally we aim for spiral formations, or is that just a universal given ??

blah-de-blah . anyway , back to the "2nd Screening" ...

there were these great moments when the digtal copy would begin to have brief breakdowns...for those who have not watched corrupted dvd files it's like a pixelated spasm or hiccup...and these would seem to happen at very significant moments and towards the very end the film went into this epileptic seizure, a prolonged visual crescendo...astonishingly in synch with the part where Golem is doing his virtuoso schizo solo ...( and i could have been so disappointed if i had not already seen it , but now this was like a special director's remix revealing subversive new information ) Golem goes into these great pixelated convulsions and then all of a sudden 2 characters from another Hollywood film are leaking into the scene - it's the 2 guys from Men In Black - ( which i never saw ) and the juxtaposition becomes an inverted "divine invasion" ... it is pure Hollywood hydrogenated fat ,corn syrup, fructose, and Polysorbate 80 that has attempted to corrupt the films concluding sequence , like a recombinant fish tomato trying to taste like strawberry twizzlers at the table of a Tolkein feast !! The 2 Hollywood phantoms flicker out just in time for the last lines of our 2 Towers version to end appropriately.
Everybody is having a monstrous belly-laugh !
and Whatever Christian propoganda may be nestled in there has now been forever rendered into a perfectly reliable punchline memory.

Posted by pod(s) at February 4, 2003 05:11 AM

sounds awesome! mistakes and interferences...

Posted by: osfa / prensa local on February 4, 2003 07:28 AM
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