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February 03, 2003

Day 3

Early morning. Those days you wake up with lots of things on your head. Desperately need to find another job. All my body wants to stay at home and do all the things I am not paid for. Lie down until it’s just too late. Happy to find friends carrying on with their projects, in spite of any support, But then I suppose that’s how most of us can keep sane. But it just feels that 90% of my time I am working - to pay my house, to be able to have fun with my friends, to buy my books, and the other bit is to my lucidity and to balance this sensation of living next door to some certain fatality, which I just can’t get used to. Light a spliff just trying to forget where it comes from. Just wait for the night to fall. And then it falls, definitive and most gorgeously. Awake, just before bed.

Card of the day: death

Posted by Tatiana Wells at February 3, 2003 05:57 PM
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