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February 02, 2003

Day 2

Seat at the hammock under the morning sun. Finish my book. Went down to see the house is going to host our Tactical Media Lab, such an amazing place. 3 trees have fallen on my road. Notice Sundays are exceptional days, the streets are calmer, you walk slowly, and people smile at you. 15 people died yesterday from the floods, their houses carried away by negligence. The main news: one of the participants from the third Brazilian big brother, our miss brazil, lied to the contest saying that she wasn’t married cause apparently they only accept singles. Cultural distortion and its severe ethical consequences. My Sunday aura simply collapses. Remember a phrase: in front of an extraordinary reality, conscience surpasses imagination.

Card of the day: la papesse

Posted by Tatiana Wells at February 2, 2003 06:35 PM

hola Tatiana,

Cool, is that house really the location of a tactical media lab / palace !? a temporary project residence or long -term base ?

And thanks for reminding me about the brilliant N5m, i hadn't checked it out for a long time , it had slipped from my radar ...
and often there are pod(s) trying to gather momentum for a tactical media convergence here in San Francisco...
Last summer , bay area based Ruckus society turned their attention from direct action training to a technical tools camp , which was a brilliant leap in the productive direction ... but still the area is begging for a festival -like convergence ... with more public accessibilty and visibility.


Also , the miss Brazil story reminds me ...
have you heard that the Hollywood Oscars have denied a Palestinian entry for Foreign Film category b/c it is not a country recognized by the UN ??


media tacticians and culture jammers should be on high creative alert !!!!

if i may recontextualize here:
in front of an extraordinary irreality ,
conscience + imagination will trespass the injustice !

Saludos !
: )


Posted by: teapod on February 3, 2003 12:58 PM

The work by the Ruckus Society is brilliant ! We are planning here in Sao Paulo, sort of the first activist festival that is not only focused at political issues (a very traditional brazilian characteristic) but, at a cultural set of practices that inform those. And it's amazing the receptivity we're having.

I feel that the most important thing for us is that groups can talk and recognize their practices as a worldwide phenomenon - that need only spaces for dialogue to grow and develop strategies, just as it happened with the festival's organization...

thanks teapod and you are most welcome to come to our festival in march !

Posted by: Tatiana on February 3, 2003 01:35 PM

The Ruckus tech camp was a great experience, and a big part of it was getting together with people with the same goals and similar way of thinking... a good time for sharing experience and knowledge...i'm sorry i could only stay for a little time... let's hope there's a second Ruckus tech camp next year...

And Tatiana, please keep us informed about
the Sao Paulo activist festival, over here in Tijuana we have the Borderhack, a camp in front of the mexico/USA border, with some computers and net access, where tech people, activists, artists and folks in general get together to explore border issues...

un saludo


Posted by: luis humberto rosales on February 3, 2003 03:03 PM


hey i heard a bad rumour that borderhack 4.0 might not happen ... say it isn't true !!!
it's needed more than ever , and i still want to see FLORIAN hit the americas . ok, i know all the obstacles, but i'm putting word out for reinforcements ; )! so keep us posted.

where else are we bloggers gonna meet up ?
cancun ( ; ??!

and i would LOVE to get down in march for sao paolo event, but very likely i be committed to a new film project next couple of months.

salut !

Posted by: teapod on February 3, 2003 06:28 PM
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