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February 01, 2003

...sleepytime communiques

gung hay fat choi !
Year 4700...
is off to an ominous start , as i just read ANOTHER space shuttle goes down over Texas... i wonder what "military Ikarus" story might never be revealed there .

i'm heading to a tea room in Chinatown ( a great and curious wormhole tearoom that manages to escape these frantic days ) to meet w/ friends and probably eat a fair share of fortune cookies...

but thought i'd first process my early morning sleep's communiques:
" i'm here to provide a LiTTLE technical assistance..."

... i am heading to a gallery/museum with a new friend , and i'm feeling a little anxious , like i didn't do the art project i had schemed for months but just couldn't ever get it to the front burner amidst all the other pressing irrealities ...
Shit , and i wanted to impress this new comrade ...more anxiety .well , here we are at The Gate and there's especially high security , as is Everywhere now...
and i tell the drone at the desk that i don't have any art , that i'm here to provide a little technical assistance and the artist beside me has her work under her arm so we are cleared after a few phone calls and nervous , hurried gesticulations all around...

once inside , some people are still finishing up their presentations and patrons are already coming in for the opening...

the room is extremely dark for an exhibition and i go into a back corridor and pull out this very tall and awkward lamp... and set it up in the main room. the fixture has this small base at the bottom and a long wiry telescopic arm which has a small ,naked and rather dim bulb at the end ... it won't retract and is practically like an unruly organism out of Dr. Seuss or an appendage acting like a bad hair day, so i'll need to get a ladder to switch out the bulb ... and meanwhile two visitors are gazing at "this work" and are commenting on the thin gangly fixture , it's dimness...and i'm like ...LOOK IT'S NOT FINISHED !

meanwhile i head for the ladder and have this bursting revelation that no one here is addressing the Pink Elephant in the room...uh, museum... that it is
almost entirely dark throughout the rooms.

i am now racing back with a bright bulb and am scrambling up the ladder with the speed of a new mission... and put the bigger bulb in ... and everyone, it is now a crowded opening, is just walking thru as if everything is normal ... and it's still absurdly dark !

And now there's some inclination that i am way up on this ladder and this is my performance for the gallery and yet i'm beginning to boil w/ disbelief at the disconnection of my audience ...

meanwhile this narrow passage of light has spread out into the busy streets and a boy dressed all in black rushes up to a city bus, which has this giant and garish advertisement for the nightly news along it's wide body, and quickly paints a big swastika on the newscasters forehead just as the traffic light turns green .

Posted by pod(s) at February 1, 2003 04:13 PM

I don't wanna sound like a conspiracy theory freak, but the fact that Ilan Ramon a colonel in the Israeli air force was on board of the columbia makes me wonder about their mission.

No quiero sonar como un loco busca conspiraciones,pero el hecho de que Ilan Ramon, un coronel dela fuerza aerea israelí estuviera a bordo del columbia me hace cuestionarme sobre cúal sería su misión.

Posted by: luis humberto rosales on February 1, 2003 06:49 PM
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