Comments: Day 1

this is one of the neighbours... do you need a... what are new neighbours supposed to offer each other? my name is osfa, this is it!

anyways, glad to share the space. your pic looks cool! and sao paulo sounds so... beautiful even with the extremes, or maybe because of the extremes... i was planning to go watch "la ciudad de dios" tonight, it just opened here... but stayed eventually... by the machine...just lazy... will go tomorrow for sure!

take care / osfa

ps. the name i use is actually quite brasilero!

Posted by osfa at February 1, 2003 08:05 PM

>what are new neighbours supposed to offer each >other?

I think it's fruit cake or am i wrong? or is it Nachos, coke and cigarettes... anyway, just in case:

La extraña traducción de google:

¿Pienso que es torta de la fruta o soy agravio? o está Nachos, coque y los cigarrillos... de todos modos, apenas en caso de que:

Posted by luis humberto rosales at February 1, 2003 08:25 PM
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