Comments: Reaction to Pods

hehe , yes, Wilson , theTriangle Head !
there's a really fun /intense Solo piece about the "Bob" by Anne Bogart's Siti Co. ... played by the extraordinary Will Bond. those who have experienced the man in "Me" -mode will appreciate its humor and intensity.

the analogy of children in a room creating their own language is awesome ! absolutely, the sadness permeates.

yes discussing the BIG possibilities . i'm down !

i wasn't trying to imply at all that George C.'s expanded horizons were looney or corrupted by the de-triangulating substances...
just remembering that it was getting closer and closer to showtime and the possibilities of realization were narrowing in on us... not to mention , key players who were about to go into mutiny mode as their paychecks bounced .

i definitely see a territory that is ripe for exploring ...
and adding to the mix this particular brand of organic or internalized spaghetti ...
and Wilson , by no means has a patent on it ...
in fact he probably stole it from Butoh ...being the worldy plunderer that he is.

salut !

Posted by t.pod at February 11, 2003 12:15 PM
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