Comments: Is this too much?

hi jeroen,

nice. i like the semiotic leap illustrated by the montage
in film, something that really seperates it into its own medium.

i'll try suggesting that what might take the games to the next level is somehow developing characters that you have an emotional connection, or a history , or context to...

this is probably why there is much potential to developing games from movies ... because once a story
has been developed ... you can attach yourself more deeply to the characters.

you will ultimately be more connected to the action , if say, you are fighting the corrupt cop , to protect the little girl next door , whom you've already befriended through ... implant memories here ... and they are looking for her because she saw the
crime that should not have been seen ... i think suspense is added there as well thru context.

well, i'm just taking a stab at it... but it's fun to think about it.

hmmm , how do you add this story w/o the movie ...
would a quik intro trailer - short story - do the trick?

a game seems like a good continuation of another story
medium... perhaps the continuation of a comic book form.

yep, that'd be fun ... the evolution of the comic book story released in a series might give you access to deeper places to take the game... but you don't have to buy a new game ... it just becomes expanded by the knowledge from the new literature / storyboards.


Posted by teapod at February 25, 2003 02:16 AM
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