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play with me Jeroen

Posted by annleejpg at February 23, 2003 04:31 AM

hi jeroen,

seems like we're getting somewhere, i was just propposing a coolective weblog to tony a few posts below yours. i like your idea of doing something once a week or twice, with more time space to respond.

i believe translation is such a big issue because sometimes context can't be translated. in a way universality has been overrated. i believe new york, paris, and los angeles are quite universal. and even madrid is kind of universal in the latinamerican world, but c'mon, look at baghdad this days: once it used to be the center of the world, just look at the 1001 nights and other literature, and look at the way it's perceived now. ok, but seems to me i'm a centimeter away of stepping into a different territory.

how about we do our own active world? altough the weblog idea might be a better idea. anyhow, i will proppose a project which i hope you'll enjoy and would like to collaborate with it.

hugs! and about to leave many minutes later than i thought to a screening of spike jonze 'adaptation'. you should see it, it's a topic you are very interested in.

Posted by fran at February 23, 2003 05:53 PM

If we do, I think we would have to find more people, from around the globe, working with new media. As I said in an earlier post.

There are many dead world centers..Maybe one could even say there are many worlds with many centers.

There was a site once dedicated to dead media (flagposts used to bring a message over long distances in but a few hours, etc). All those media can be connected to world centers.

Posted by Jeroen Goulooze at February 24, 2003 02:42 AM
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