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hey, this is a dense entry... yes, id like to think that art does have "the power to Change the world , it has causative effects , it DoES produce phenomenon!"
but i guess it does it in particular ways... of course making peoples minds and hearts change... making things visible and relevant, if they werent before... producing beauty and emotions and knowledge...
its 12am madrid /sevilla time and im at the end of a day that began with a pretty consistent hangover... tomorrow ill try to make a little more sense...

yeah, im down with sao paulo for the bb party!

any possibility of seeing rigos photo?

im not that good with web sites but we can talk about that too!


Posted by osfa at February 19, 2003 05:02 PM

he osfa et al,

here's a site which posts an image of "truth":

i didn't want to list it originally , cause it's such a lame
webzine, which gives some really repulsive 'lip service' an hype to some pretty odious local characters ...

if you continued to back up from this angle you would be walking down the corridor that is the UN plaza and eventually reach the steps of city hall.

here's another site which lists rigo , that will be more inspiring :
and also has a link to the image from a different though less impacting perspective, cause as i mentioned before it is the placement (for me) which makes the image powerful.


Posted by teapodz at February 20, 2003 11:40 AM

oh yeah , thanks for responding to the website thing ...
was hoping this might appeal to someone here locally ...
in order to work with rigo in person...
but if we can fly you out for a visit ...

or perhaps at some 2nd stage, you'd be into to tweaking or adding stuff online...

keep ya posted
: )

also for any locals:

rigo and robert king will be at:
Expressions Art Gallery
5815 Washington, Oakl. 451.6646

together w/ author david hilliard from the black panther movement

( this may be an old address, if so the new location is right around the corner )

Posted by teapodz at February 20, 2003 02:33 PM
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