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March 01, 2003

Read ya later!

I feel sad...and it's kinda wierd... isn't it?... i tried last night to post some stuff but some how i couldn't log in to the site... anyway, today it was posible, so i have a chance to say good bye to the Big [B]other girls and guys... it was a really nice experience, and some how i feel like i'm loosing something... but then again got a lot from it...

thanxs a lot for this chance to get inside your minds... hope to read you again... i'll go back to my personal weblog and keep working at the hospital, trying not to make my daughter mad and trying not to get frustrated trying to make people believe in other projects that can help make a difference... anyway...

Un saludo desde Tijuana... me tomaré un martini doble a su salud por la seductora avenida revolución...

Posted by Luis Humberto Rosales at March 1, 2003 02:51 PM
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