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February 26, 2003

wanted : reality botherers !

dear reality botherers ,

If the idea of the post-big bother (unemployment ? ) reality is starting to get you down , there is no need to stress , there's plenty of opportunity out there ... we just came across this while browsing the highly flammable and vIrTuAL wonderland of Los Angeles for media jobs ( sorry this one for guys only) :

> NBC REALITY SHOW CASTING- single men 25+
>Reply to: job-8969929@craigslist.org (forwards to an @alloymail.com address)
>Date: Wed Feb 26th 10:55

>New NBC reality show is looking for "ANIMAL HOUSE- type of guys,

>If you are single, have an outgoing personality, love to socialize
>and you are 25+ years old,we want you on the show!!!

>We are looking for "real people" of all character, good looks not critical.

>****E-mail your photo submissions with your phone numbers
>or call the CASTING DEPT.(818) 526-6356
>Auditions will be held at NBC Studios.

>All chosen participants will be compensated, reply now!


so the pods have sent in their big bother resumes and we were wondering if any of you could write us a good reference letter ... ??


so IN REALITY, our appreciation grows for the level of communications that exist here in this special blog bubble ! (see more on bubbles below)


one dream early this morning which i couldn't quite retain was related to eating a carrot and having someone explaining to me about how, if it's not an organic carrot , that i should wash it , because the fertilizer they use for that brand of carrot is toxic sludge ... which if anyone has read about commercial agriculture ...
is true ... they are sometimes ? often ? using untreated sewage to fertilize the fields.... of produce that people are eating every day !!!

anyway that's about all i rememeber from that dream, but then as i was laying half awake , half asleep , listening to more grim Bush/Blair Witch Project reports on the radio ... i was thinking about what to write for the blog and was remembering its sanctuary feel , which i wrote about earlier in another entry , and then i was thinking of that Heironymous Bosch painting of complete and utter Dark Age apocalypse , but at the lake's edge 2 lovers exist in a parallel universe ... a safe and protected Bubble . ( one might remember this as a close-up image on a Dead Can Dance cover ).

it's an image i frequently come back to when the toxic sludge in the outer world seems to reach unbearable high tides.

Posted by pod(s) at February 26, 2003 03:29 PM

SO, we the ugly ones cant participate??!!!

Posted by: pacho on February 26, 2003 04:08 PM

hola pacho,

i think we will all be OVERqualified but i'll write you a reference letter if you want to apply... ; )

saludos !

on another note , would be really curious to hear your music ... any chance you'd want to send our radio station
a cd ? or a website to download some tracks ?

Posted by: teapod on February 27, 2003 10:23 AM
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