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February 22, 2003

delayed reaction to art , sleepy communique 2.5 , and russian arks

the day is warm and beckoning
so i must try to be either short and tactical
...or tall and fractal ...
exist ... like art ...
and prepare some serious living...
w/o a taste of the corny ,
better to be over-the-top kitsch
and/or possibly thorny
in these days of mass media blitzkrieg
and scripted misgivings

i believe the days of rhyming poetry is inevitably cob
( as in corn-on-the-) variety ... unless you add some hip hop beats.

or is it just me ?!

nevermind , don't answer that, i'm sensitive... ; )


Re: art / tactic / phenomena

just to be clear , i pulled the quote of the "zombie" mode as a refutation of bad 20th century paradigms for understanding consciousness... i too (? )do nOt believe in Classical materialism , epiphenomenalism, and the like and have some serious issues w/ western scientific ( and cyber ?) reductionism.

i had just stumbled onto this site looking for that old research theme of Epihenomena, cause jeroen's phenomenologist thing brought it back into view for me, which was really cool !

"Spirituality versus Materialism - Essays on Modern Buddhism and science"
it's pretty deep if you have a chance to wade through . this version has a pretty east/west articulateness that i can readily sink my "ontological culture jammer"- teeth into.

that makes me think that some of those buddhist masters laying down those
perceptual "trip hop" tales are perhaps our ancestral lineage to post-modern tactical jams.

also wanted to clarify that by ART i mean a whole way of being , and Fran kind of took it around that corner, but this not different or seperate from what i define for myself as art...

i.e. if i have to run an errand to mail a letter ... i can do it in tunnel-vision - get the job done , OR it can be done as ART, a creative world ... and if it is not, then i have been swallowed up by the grey Goo of the consumer automatons ... and i am painfully conscious of it when i am.

and because humans are basically a chameleon species ( Zelig-like) we have to be pretty vigilant to rise above the goo... and taking it on as a challenge to turn the goo back into clay is a serious and immediate task, which probably cannot be done w/o humor , ritual, and detatchment ... and probably many more qualities i'm still


sleepytime 2.5:

... as an overgrown schoolboy, looking somewhat like the incredible Hulk in Angus - AC/ DC prep shorts that are bursting at the seams, i am participating in this web project and i forget to alter and re-create my identity , so i go back into the "registry" and substitute my high-school graduation photo ( which always reminds me of a kind of cattle branding that takes 4 long years of searing hot metal applied to the right and left lobes and whatever matter of human consciousness is left to bridge the two... and the photographer asks you to smile ) with a team photo of "Luther Blissets"
( sorry conceptual 'foto' only) and the image takes on a quiktime-like sequence ... and suddenly like aphex twins' Come To Daddy clip - the "team" is now stalking the halls , ready to undo the extremely problematic Fixed ID .

...to be continued.


oh [B]other where art thou !?

whoa ! speaking of ARKs i'm on my way to see Alexander Sukorov's
Russian Ark film about the Hermitage ... and i'll be sure to report back my impressions and juxtapositions on possible futures for the community blog ...
i'd be very enthusiastic to see it continue ... though i feel like it could use a new architecture !

do you think there'd be room for a team of hooligan Blissets in the space capsule !? (ok that's pretty cryptic)

more later.


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