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February 21, 2003


ola compas
hi fellers
[i am reading John Dos Passos and he uses this word, fellers, all the time]

kaurismaki´s A man without past, is a pretty good and fun movie. it´s about a community of street bums in helsinki who live in containers by the harbor. a guy fleeing his wife, gets robbed and hit by some bad ass punks and loses his memory and joins the community. he´s lost and gets some help from this groups of very poor people, and grows happy living among them. in his container, rented to a humane and/but corrupt private security guard, he installs a juke box that they find in the junk and fix... it plays american music from the late 50s / early 60s... the spaces are beatiful. in my theory about the war of landscapes, they would defintely belong to the grassroots, popular side... but the most extraordinary thing in the movie is the combination of acting and dialogues. one keeps wondering whether finn people do behave and talk like that, extremely hieratic, serious and non emotional... - making this way very odd funny scenes out of very conventioanl situations-, or whether it is just an artistic interpretation... i guess that´s what it is. it actually looks like actors can´t really act and they are just reading the lines, not even looking at each other... very cool.

then we went on for dinner to have some sushi, - which is not as common here in sevilla as it is in the big world, - in the movie, the character without a name did have a sushi dinner in a train, and that triggered our gastronomic desire -.

inbetween sake and sapporo and sea urchins, Sole, my friend, told me about her new project with her feminist sista´. it´s a zine called coñopolitan. of course, it is a funky detournement of the popular womens magazine. For those not fluent in spanish, coño means pussy in a very straightforward way.

As i eventually was drunk-driving back to sleep with my machine, - ooooh -, i was imagining how it would be to live in coñopolis... mmmhh, a tropical geography...

neural connection interference: i had this professor in ucla who had the theory that Le Corbusier, the famous modern architect, had a turning point in his career after taking a trip with girlfriend Josephine Baker to the luxuriant geographies of Rio de Janeiro. After that phenomenologic experience his cuadrangular, boxy, sharp edge architecture, became flowing and full of curves... like for example in Ronchamp and Chandigardh...

i am looking forward to immersing myself in the first issue of coñopolitan... coming out march 8!

love... always better with cyborgs! _ osfa

Posted by osfavelados at February 21, 2003 06:36 AM

ola osfa,

congrats on the teaching gig !!
great neural interference anecdote,
and i believe thta's what's called a Curving pt. in one's career ... here's to the curves !

and digging the actonomy link.


Posted by: pods on February 21, 2003 08:58 PM

Hola Osfa, no te había felicitado por tu regreso a la cátedra. ¡Enhorabuena!, un abrazo.

Oye, ¿crees que vaya a haber versión digital de Coñopolitan?

¡Suena genial!


Posted by: Cindy Gabriela on February 22, 2003 09:41 AM

bueno yo se lo sugerí, y creo que estaban pensándolo... ya te tengo informada. por supuesto le hablé de cyberfeminista, que sole ya conocía...

esa salud va mejor?... creo que el amor y los cariñitos siempre ayudan... besos _osfa

Posted by: osfa on February 22, 2003 10:27 AM
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