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February 21, 2003

123.2 mb

the whole day i've been busy. on the one hand working with sol and cindy (who is acting as the fairie queen) on the shooting of 'fast food!', which is my collaboration to the story streams project organized by nora barry for streaming cinema 3.0, the festival she runs and which starts tomorrow in pittsburgh. i've finally finished my piece. the 3 stories/films are actually the same storyline, a faerie tale, but all 3 have different interpretations, actor, and are based in different cities. so far i saw the one made in paris by pierre wayser, but not the one shot in montreal. what i'm eager to see is the final mix which a filmmaker/editor/vj will produce this saturday on stage without ever before having seen any of the 3 films.

i would like to say more, but i think i've spent my whole day working on this: shooting in front of banks in a city which has cameraphobia, and so police said i should stop shooting or else face the consequences. i have also performed as a thief and so stole the credit card from my sister pants, which actually was my credit card and in fact was only a bank card. and to shoot this scene was so difficult because the city doesn't like cameras and doesn't like disturbances and the city is full of cops. and i do mean, full. specially in zona rosa, a part of the city which is now celebrating it's 50th anniversary. but we have a spot where we could do this: oslo alley.

i also spoke to some friends and find out i will exhibit a piece at a local museum called ex-teresa. i believe it will be the first time i show something in a museum in this city. i'm not sure what i wanna show, modem drama would be something but i don;t think i have the time to finish it, so maybe it'd be nice to show a dvd. there's still time to think about this. there's still time. in the meantime i will forget that i live in a city which is completely sick of cameraphobia, and i hope i can dream some nouvelle vague dreams -if there's such a thing as that one.- and when i wake up, i hope that the ftp client has finished uploading the 'fast food!' quicktime file which weights 123.2 megabytes.

another thing happened, a real thief stole the iBook of a neighbor. my neighbor is a pretty famous contemporary artist which somehow decided to live in Méixo, but i really don't know the kind of work that he does. what i do know is that we have a new lock at the front door, and that another neighbor told us this is the second time somebody has stole something from our building. the last time was 20 years ago, and the worst thing is that one day prior to this theft i was sort of bragging that nobody would steal from this building, even if we live in a pretty good area of the city, and you could even say that is somehow downtown (at least the central district)... but now i know this isn't true.

ok, i'll go to sleep and i hope that next time i wake up, the file has copied itself into another web server.

Posted by fran ilich at February 21, 2003 12:11 AM

hey fran
that, over in pittsburg, sounds like a pretty cool project. good luck!

Posted by: osfa on February 21, 2003 07:05 AM

I agree with Osfa.

Posted by: Jeroen Goulooze on February 21, 2003 01:24 PM
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