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February 12, 2003

Sticky with Phobia

I had a hard time going to sleep last night, so I downloaded some episodes of South Park. Man, the episode where Cartman thinks he hit puberty b/c he got his period b/c he was bleeding out his ass was amazing.

I drove to my grandma's house today. She has never seen Fight Club so I brought it over for her to watch. She loves Brad Pitt so I made her watch it. She was checking the time through a lot of it and didn't really get into it until Project Mayhem started....then she completely freaked out and wants to see it again.

I had to drive to South San Francisco. I never take the freeway because I have a phobia for driving on freeways. Shit, I got a lot of phobias for some reason these days. I can't go over bridges....small bridges are fine but Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge, well forget about it.

It started about two years ago and has just gotten progressively worse. That's one of the main reasons my wife and I moved to San Francisco a couple of months ago, because we lived in Oakland (a 20 minute drive across the bridge to San Francisco) and I'd have to take back roads down to San Jose and back up the peninsula to get to San Francisco. It was always a 3 hour ordeal. Really sucked.....I couldn't get my literary and film shit together b/c of living in the East Bay. There was a bit of stuff happening over there, but the big artistic exodus to the East Bay never really happened.....and most of the people I need to meet with are in San Francisco.

Anyway, back to the phobias, I'm phobic of buses and Bart (subway) also....meaning I'm walking and bicycling alot....nothing like a bit of a phobia to loose a couple of extra pounds.

I was going to write about my phobias earlier in the big b[0]ther broadcast, but I kept getting sidetracked....maybe that means things are getting better.

Hopefully next month I'll be able to afford to go to a therapist who specializes in phobias as I want to get my ass over to Norway (to visit my family), but I ain't getting my ass on a plane anytime soon. :(

I'm in the mood to get drunk and listen to punk rock tonite @ Sacrifice on 19th & Van Ness....but I'm also in the mood to stay dry as it's raining outside.

I need to make a decision.
I feel like playing Covenant and dancing on my kitchen counter.

Necesito tomar una decisión.
Me siento como escuchar Covenant y bailar en mi contador de la cocina.

Posted by Tony DuShane at February 12, 2003 10:31 PM

i NEVER saw Fight Club , and everytime i say that to someone they look at me like i have chicken pox...
so if you and yur grandma decide to watch it again...
drop me an email ,will ya ?!
: )

Posted by: teapod on February 12, 2003 11:45 PM

Damn, that means my grandma saw Fight Club before you saw it...that's scary. ;)

Do you work with othercinema? It's on your link. I wanted to make this Saturday's screening but I'm going to House of the Dead @ SF Indiefest.

Posted by: Tony DuShane on February 13, 2003 01:09 AM
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