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February 11, 2003

my own random Spaghetti sauce mixed WeLL

Just came back from a burrito trip w/ my friend D. and we pass a black man in a wheelchair on the streets and we acknowledge his plea for help and then he launches into how people need to help each other. and he recalls how he helped a white guy out of the street before a car turned the corner ... he was just lying in the street. didn't know WHERE he was ... and he was white ya hear what i'm sayin... and it would have crushed him . and he goes off again : no matter what's going down w/ this country , ya gotta know we gotta HELP each other...

we head on and my friend D. says , if you see your life as a movie , there's those moments that happen in the film, like they're a preface to what's coming .


so many threads to follow up on and to be informed by and it's getting hard to take them all in. in the blog and in the Real . ( see Spaghetti footnote ) *

and actually this here community has some sanctuary feeling to it ... like when you don't want to go out ... you just want to be inside the book you've just started.... or you're not quite sure how to be effective in the situation so you just hang back and absorb the info that can be the inspiration for the next step.
and i wish i could take more time to read the spanish entries and try to translate some of mine into spanish... well surely i'll give it a shot in the coming weeks... and supposedly our spanish class / group at the arts center will re-form
this week .

( saludos amigos ! español que viene pronto aquí ) ( ? )


and then simultaneously i had this urge to take some action and spread the word
about B[b}other ... open or crack the fish bowl ? ... respectfully... through some quirky mindfuck ... well , Manilla was insistent , needed to respond to a whole bursting mix of the week's various troubling inputs and sorta unraveled in a way i hoped would be inviting and still personally releasing, integrated ... (and quite the opposite my back and neck echoed the tension with knots ) ... objectives to try to lure some more tactical communities to this WELL .

working on a newsletter to invite some of the bay area and various comrades to participate here , and a few community announcements ... and talk to the Cellspace webmaestro(s) to put the link on our pages, etc.


* spaghetti footnote
wanted to somehow respond to both fran's + jeroen's posts with some reflection of my own current and past " spaghetti sensations " . multiple paths, interactive digital narratives... thank you for this term jeroen !

i was once working w/ a theater director , George Coates , who was trying to work out a piece that would give the audience choices ... this would in staging terms be mindbogglingly complex so needless to say it didn't get pursued ... and in fact his theater was already a bit TOO gadget oriented ... it already had a 3-d stage technique whereby perfromers were put into projected scenes and by various levels of back lighting allowed them to appear in the foreground - mid - or backround of the projcted image. to enhance this the projection was IN 3-D and the audience wore the glasses . And now he was entirely stoned and fantasizing one rehearsal about giving the audience some kind of hand held trigger for making decisions ...like a video game.

Now at the time i had just come from some theater worlds that were of the Robert Wilson school ( Black Rider, Einstein On the Beach, The Forest , etc )... and here was a brilliant non-linear theater language ... NO A-to-B story , a rich POETRY organism of sight and sound and you made your own conclusions for the most part as to what was taking place ... this was the organic Spaghetti being offered... to each his own ... story ...and i still am driven by the model ...

but of course , this is just a quik flash of a huge subject and film and virtual are obviously mediums better suited to the the Spaghetti forms and yeah i love to discuss it deeper and hear more about your developments ... and yes, caution w/ a project that BIG.


tony , tatiana ... super intrigued , if there's time for all these directions , to see how the bay area could link w/ sao paolo tactical media fest !!!


ok , ciao, my splintered mind wants to go read THE Book or mix music,

be well, WELL ! mix well !

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