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February 09, 2003

whatever happened to saturday night

This morning i got the news when i came to the hospital... mr Gilbert, died, a heart atack... i'm starting to dislike mornings at the hospital... the rookies are starting to feal left alone by the Doctors in charge, that is a feeling i had to deal with when i first came to this hospital... but i learned to survive by myself, and take control of crisis situations, because most of the time we are alone... and we are (the interns) the only difference betwen a patient's life or death... of course, i have 7 months in this place... they just have a month...they will learn as i did to deal with it... and hopefully be sensitive enough to be different from most of the doctors arround here...
Anyway, the good and at the same time sad news is that a new beautiful baby girl was born... the problem is that the mother is 14 years old... the father is 32 years old... adicted to cristal...and the poor kid knows almost nothing about the guy...brave kid, i should say, she was very calm during labor... i took some blood samples, lets hope the lab results don't give us any surprises...
The saturday night is young... and quiet, hopefully it will stay that way...

Posted by Luis Humberto Rosales at February 9, 2003 12:26 AM
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