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About Big [B]Other

big [b]Other
Text-based reality show, February 1 - March, 2003
Part of How Latitudes Become Forms: Art in a Global Age
Fran Ilich (Mexico City/Berlin), Cindy Gabriela Flores (Mexico City), Pedro Jimenez (Seville, Spain), Eduardo Arcos (Ecuador/Mexico), Teresa Arozena (Tenerife), Luis H. Rosales (Tijuana, Mexico), Pacho (Mexico City), Tony Dushane (San Francisco), DJ Pod (San Francisco), Jeroen Gouluze (Groningen, Netherlands), Osfavelados (Seville, Spain), German Maggiori (Buenos Aires).

big [b]Other is a text-based reality show / community blog organized by media activist Fran Ilich with 11 other participants also working with media. It will run from February 1 to March 1, 2003.

big [b]Other is in part a reaction to the supposed reality TV epitomized by shows in the United States such as Big Brother, Survivor, Fear Factor and any number of other programs that are, in fact, slickly produced and heavily manipulated narratives that have little in common with real life.

Like many of the artists in How Latitudes Become Forms, the participants in big [b]Other intend through this modest, contemporary practice to blog about the daily experiences of their lives. They will be writing from behind their monitors, situated in different geographies, but sharing the common space of their communications; sharing their inner worlds, their net.browsing, their media projects.

Audiences anywhere on the Internet will be able to ,listen in0/00 on these conversations (in Spanish and English) among media activists and artists from across Latin America, participating virtually and vicariously in a different kind of reality show that bothers to attempt to self-consciously but openly explore the many Others that constitute our globally (dis)connected world.